Irish Thunder -- "An Irish History Lesson"

To order your copy of “An Irish History Lesson” mail a $12 check (includes shipping) to Irish Thunder Merchandise, 719 Pershing Street, Swedesburg, PA 19405.

This project has been in the works for over 2 years. All bagpipe bands like the idea of making a CD. But few understand how much effort it really takes. Many will go to a recording studio, play their sets a few times and leave it up to the studio to pick the best one, throw them together on a CD and call it a day. This is fine but eventually they all sound the same. In addition, they do not necessarily capture what the band is like as a group or follow any story line. We decided that we wanted to do a CD to cover the tunes we played but also leverage our relationships with very talented musicians in our area. We wanted to tell our story. We wanted the CD to be a little different.

This all starts with tune selection and input from others. Once we started down the path we reached out to the local folks who can actually sing. We got responses from Sarah Agnew, Tom McHugh,  Paul Moore and Matt Brescia both from the Paul Moore Band. These folks are well known in our area. In addition we got input from individuals in the band about what they could contribute in musical and non-musical forms. From this the idea of "An Irish History Lesson" was born.

Companion Guide and Additional Content - **MUST READ** This is meant to answer why "An Irish History Lesson". It includes many links to build the backstory on the songs and tunes in the CD. We hope you come away with an understanding of what it is to be a member of Irish Thunder.

How To Tutorial - The technical decisions, hardware, highs and lows in producing your own bagpipe CD. This includes links to our Irish Thunder Pipes and Drums YouTube channel. There you can find the "How To" videos discussed in the document.

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